Amber PastoorManager, Project Planning, Large Projects, Enbridge, Inc.

    During her 9 year career at Enbridge, Amber has personally designed and implemented consultation strategies for over 18 projects ranging from liquids pipelines, wind energy, carbon capture and storage, electrical transmission lines, and pipeline system abandonment. Her last 3 years at Enbridge have been focused on front-end project development – specifically planning in the areas of environment, land, stakeholder relations, law and regulatory – for US and international projects, including European off-shore wind.

    Amber has an eclectic working background. She was one of the first three University of Calgary (UofC) staff members to arrive in Doha, Qatar to prepare for the opening of the University of Calgary – Qatar. Prior to joining the UofC, Amber spent 3 years connecting with the wilderness and wildlife of Jasper National Park. She worked as the media relations and corporate communications officer for Parks Canada.

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