There are roughly 2.4 million miles of pipe in this vast transportation system.

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Start of Very Strong Cycle for Oil and Gas

We’re at the beginning of a very strong cycle for oil and gas.

That’s according to Jeffrey Miller, Halliburton CEO, who expressed his view in a television interview with Bloomberg.

“We went through a really tough four years of downturn, a lot of underinvestment in oil and gas that whole time, now it’s time it’s coming home to roost,” Miller told Bloomberg’s Alix Steel in the interview.

“The reality is, our outlook for oil and gas and supply and demand is very constructive and I think we’ll see that play out over the next several years. Really feel like we’re at the beginning of a very strong cycle for oil and gas, particularly services,” he added…..Read More

Midterms Shift Balance in Washington for Oil Sector

WASHINGTON — After almost a decade of oil-friendly Republicans controlling Congress, the energy sector faced a dramatically different landscape Wednesday on Capitol Hill.

Where Republicans pushed an end to the oil export ban and looser environmental regulations around drilling, the new Democratic-led House is expected to be more interested in combating climate change than boosting oil and gas production.…Read More

Oil and Gas Recruiting to Rise in Coming Months

Oil and gas recruiters across the world are expecting to recruit more in coming months, according to a recent survey by Rigzone.

Rigzone’s global survey targeting oil and gas recruiters and hiring managers—administered Sept. 25 to Oct. 16—yielded 77 completed responses from those actively working as recruiters in the industry.

Of the respondents, 83 percent said they recruit for upstream; 49 percent recruit for midstream and 32 percent recruit for downstream.

Seventy percent of respondents indicated that they expected to recruit more in the next six months..…Read More

Kinetic is proud to work with many leading oil and gas companies.  Here are a few of our favorite colleagues and friends…


It takes a village…Meet Kinetic’s oil and gas advisory team…these bright minds believe in our mission and help us coordinate our strategy for bringing the best educational events forward!

Nice to meet you!

  • Denise Raymond Founder and Oil and Gas Programming Director at Kinetic

    I have developed a huge passion for the energy industry and many of its intricate and highly impactful issues throughout my almost 15 years in the energy education space.  Through my time in the industry, I have developed a particular interest in pipeline safety and all the regulations that make the issues surrounding the subject “tick”.  Anyone who works in this area knows how the regulations are truly a living, breathing and constantly evolving space – based on changing regulations, changing administrations, as well as all of the physical aspects of the pipes in the ground!

    My goal with every training and conference is to create truly relevant information that you can take back to your desk and your colleagues and put it to work.  We do that by working with some of the brightest minds in the industry to deliver that information…and turn it into knowledge.  I am honored to work with every one of our course instructors and conference speakers. They make every program shine!

    Come to one of our trainings or seminars and you encounter an atmosphere of true learning – we strive to not give “lectures”, but true hands-on give and take.  There’s so much personal/professional knowledge that each person brings into class – the more everyone talks, the more everyone can learn through invaluable personal experiences.

    If you are attending one of our oil and gas classes, mostly likely I will see you there – I look forward to meeting you (or seeing you again)!  Please feel free to reach out in the meantime!

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