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2018 Women In Energy Leadership Initiative  :: April 11-12, 2018, Houston, TX
Kinetic’s Women in Energy Leadership Initiative is designed to develop a woman’s professional network and maximize her leadership potential. Sessions will focus on leadership development, business management, career planning and advancement, and exploring industry topics while creating a network of industry peers. This conference is open to women of all positions, ethnicities and professions within the industry - and men who support them.
Prepare to be impacted and Inspired.
Through the course of this agenda, we discuss the status of several rules including the hazardous liquid Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), gas transmission and gathering NPRM, the storage rule, and the class location Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM). We will go over the basics of PHMSA’s enforcement process including the various tools the agency uses to bring an enforcement case.
We will also discuss recent trends in PHMSA enforcement comparing previous years and administrations. This includes a review of the recent 5th Circuit decision in the ExxonMobil case and give a status update on other relevant PHMSA litigation. This course will specifically focus on the enforcement regime governing pipeline safety at the federal level and provide an update on PHMSA rulemaking proceedings.
FERC Order 1000:Where are we now? :: May 15, 2018 :: Washington, DC
FERC Order 1000 took effect in 2011 with the intent to encourage the development of new transmission in order to bring new sources of energy on-line and foster a more robust market place. It's now 2018 and many in the industry are still looking for the changes that FERC Order 1000 promised.
This conference will feature experts involved with implementing the FERC Order 1000 along with transmission developers who are trying to find new opportunities associated with the planning and bidding guidelines. Conference speakers will discuss if, and how, the stipulations of FERC Order 1000 are changing the way transmission is planned, bid and built.
Over 280 significant pipeline incidents occur in the US every year. These incidents often result in serious losses to property, infrastructure and sometimes even a loss of life. In an effort to better prepare front line pipeline company professionals, this course is designed to provide you with invaluable tools to help you effectively respond to an incident that someday your company will face.
Specifically, in this training, we break down:
•The Incident Command System, the nationwide standard for emergency response
•Recommendations for working with local responders at the scene of a pipeline emergency
•Tips for addressing initial interaction with news media personal and coordination with public information officers and regulatory scrutiny
•We also navigate actual pipeline incident case studies and demonstrate strategic and tactical decision making as well as suggestions for emergency procedures and mock drills enhancement