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This course reviews current state and federal regulation by the Railroad Commission of Texas (“RRC”) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”), respectively, related to midstream facilities and the handling of hydrocarbons by and on midstream facilities. It addresses the changing market dynamics and the impacts on contracts for hydrocarbon transportation and marketing activities in the U.S. with respect to dedications of production, force majeure and the processing, transportation and purchase/sales of hydrocarbons. We also study the impacts of regulatory and contracting trends on mergers, acquisitions and divestitures in the midstream industry.
Operator Qualification: Changes In The Miscellaneous Rule And What To Prepare For Now :: 2 Dates and Locations, February 21, 2018 in Houston and March 7, 2018 in Pittsburgh
Operator Qualification (OQ) has been required for all operators since it Final Rule in 1999. The proposed NPRM (Miscellaneous Rule – 7/5/2015) and subsequent Combined Technical Committee meeting discussion provides industry insight into the regulatory changes coming.
These major changes include:
Program Effectiveness Review
Inclusion of New Construction
Additional Record Requirements
Training Requirements
Inclusion of Type A (Class 2) and Type B Gathering (Onshore)
Inclusion of Regulated Rural Hazardous Liquid Gathering

This goal of this training is to provide tangible understanding of the requirements and the impact of each to an existing or new OQ program.

Control Room Management: CRM Team Training :: 2 Dates and Locations, February 22, 2018 in Houston and March 8, 2018 in Pittsburgh
There has been regulatory changes happening in Control Room Management Team Training with an effective date of January 23,2018.
These major changes include:
The proposed changes would enhance the OQ requirements by clarifying existing requirements and
addressing NTSB recommendation to extend operator qualification requirements to control center staff
involved in pipeline operational decisions.
Although our existing Control Room Frequently Asked Questions (B.01, B.03 & B.05) ( all touch on the topic of supervisors or others intervening in control room operations, there are no specific OQ program requirements. Therefore, PHMSA has enacted explicit control room team training requirement for all individuals who would be reasonably expected to interface with controllers during normal, abnormal or emergency situations in §§ 192.631(h)(6) and 195.446(h)(6). These new regulations apply to federally regulated control rooms.
2018 Women In Energy Leadership Initiative  :: April 11-12, 2018, Houston, TX
Kinetic’s Women in Energy Leadership Initiative is designed to develop a woman’s professional network and maximize her leadership potential. Sessions will focus on leadership development, business management, career planning and advancement, and exploring industry topics while creating a network of industry peers. This conference is open to women of all positions, ethnicities and professions within the industry - and men who support them.
Prepare to be impacted and Inspired.