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Pipeline Security and Asset Protection, A 4-Corners Approach: Corporate Security, Incident Response, Homeland Security, and Regulatory Compliance :: Tuesday, September 25, 2018 :: Charlotte, NC

Companies with assets such as natural gas and electric, are part of what is deemed “critical infrastructure” of the United States. Along with water, sewer, communications, transportation, etc., these entities are the fabric of what keeps the country safe and sustainable, with services that are vital, whether to individuals or the nation as a whole. In North America and elsewhere, threats to critical infrastructure are increasingly common, whether from environmental activists wanting to impact a project or those with terrorist agendas wanting to impact society.
Throughout this training, we will cover:
•What to protect? Expanding the options for consideration
•Provide a baseline understanding of the national fusion center concept and the information - sharing and intelligence mission
•Explore the tools, technologies, and programs available and being utilized by State-Local-Tribal (SLT) agencies for homeland security asset protection
•View pipeline safety and security through the lens of homeland security practitioners
•Review actual pipeline challenges, successes, best practices
•Making it work: real people, in near real time, from the ground up

Energy storage is being lauded as the latest and greatest energy technology that can enable greater renewable energy penetration, increase grid resilience and reliability and offer a host of economic values to the project owners. Utilities, energy market participants and large energy consumers are increasingly seeing how storage can be used strategically for system support and market and financial benefits. Specifically, battery energy storage provides opportunities to stack various value streams together because of locational flexibility and ever decreasing costs.
This program will discuss the multiple value streams for energy storage - both inside an organized wholesale market structure as well as non market benefits. This program will provide a holistic view of energy storage within a system and each potential value will be explained and examined in depth so that attendees can understand how storage can be leveraged for maximum benefit. Energy storage development and deployment is increasing by leaps and bounds. Attend this event to learn how to make your energy storage strategy as smart as possible.
Energy projects are taking longer and costing more. A major challenge for companies across the energy spectrum is satisfying the seemingly never-ending environmental regulatory maze.

The goal of this training is to navigate through key legal, regulatory and environmental issues that are happening throughout every sector in energy project development. We tackle regulatory and permitting developments as well as recent impacts under the current administration, the ever-increasing challenges associated with land rights and development, and provide planning tools to assist companies in siting facilities to avoid/mitigate sensitive environmental resources.