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Pipeline Security and Asset Protection, A 4-Corners Approach: Corporate Security, Incident Response, Homeland Security, and Regulatory Compliance :: Tuesday, September 25, 2018 :: Charlotte, NC

Companies with assets such as natural gas and electric, are part of what is deemed “critical infrastructure” of the United States. Along with water, sewer, communications, transportation, etc., these entities are the fabric of what keeps the country safe and sustainable, with services that are vital, whether to individuals or the nation as a whole. In North America and elsewhere, threats to critical infrastructure are increasingly common, whether from environmental activists wanting to impact a project or those with terrorist agendas wanting to impact society.
Throughout this training, we will:
  • Cover what Critical Infrastructure Information is, from the history and review of both state and federal statutes and regulations creating and defining the same
  • Learn how to protect such information from falling into the wrong hands from a physical protection standpoint
  • Understand how to protect information submitted to regulatory bodies for permits and approvals, and how to utilize existing statutory protections
  • Recognize the pitfalls and potential from the Freedom of Information Act statutes in protecting submitted information to public permitting entities and stakeholders
  • Learn how to walk the line between outreach and notification requirements under state regulatory bodies, the FERC, RP 1162, and PHMSA in general, while not divulging Critical Infrastructure Information that should not be disseminated
  • Implement daily operational plans to identify, disseminate and protect information deemed Critical Infrastructure Information
  • Hear real world examples of legal protection strategies that courts will get behind, if necessary
Over the past few years, Mexico has been implementing massive reforms in its energy sector. Every aspect of the industry has been impacted by new policies and regulations. On July 1, 2018 elections were held in Mexico, where a new president was elected along with hundreds of federal, state and municipal officials throughout the country. Many of us are wondering what this means for the Mexico's new energy markets.
Although it is too soon to fully know, discussing the matter is critical for decision-makers. With that in mind, Kinetic is hosting a webinar that will feature a lively conversation between two entrenched experts on Mexican energy policy and politics. We will be covering a variety of topics to include oil and gas exploration and production bidding rounds, natural gas infrastructure, liberalization of fuels’ prices, clean energy auctions, electricity supply and trading, among others. Please join the conversation to ask questions and opine on the future of Mexico's energy industry.