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    "Very evident that these people are genuinely concerned about fulfilling the needs of the industry. Very high recommendations!!!" - MH,  Gulf of Mexico Pipeline Compliance Database CoordinatorCHEVRON  

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    “First time to attend a Kinetic presentation and was very impressed with both the speakers and service.  I won’t hesitate to attend other functions.  First class all the way around.”  - T.M., Scheduling Coordinator, Golden Pass LNG

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Operator Qualification: Changes in the Misc Rule and What to Prepare for Now

2 Dates and Locations
February 21, 2018 and March 7, 2018
Houston, TX and Pittsburgh, PA

Operator Qualification: Changes in the Misc Rule and What to Prepare for Now

Operator Qualification (OQ) has been required for all operators since it Final Rule in 1999. The proposed NPRM (Miscellaneous Rule – 7/5/2015) and subsequent Combined Technical Committee meeting discussion provides industry insight into the regulatory changes coming.

PHMSA has also addressed developing criteria for evaluators, defined “qualified”, “emergency response tasks”, “knowledge, skills and abilities” and “direct and observe”.
Discussion for this course is specifically around:
  • 49 CFR 192.800’s & 195.500’s
  • The components of a successful OQ Program and the factors that affect it
This goal of this training is to provide tangible understanding of the requirements and the impact of each to an existing or new OQ program.


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2018 Women in Energy Leadership Initiative

Hotel Derek Houston
April 11-12, 2018
Houston, TX

2018 Women in Energy Leadership Initiative

Kinetic’s Women in Energy Leadership Initiative is designed to develop a woman’s professional network and maximize her leadership potential. Sessions will focus on leadership development, business management, career planning and advancement, and exploring industry topics while creating a network of industry peers. This conference is open to women of all positions, ethnicities and professions within the industry - and men who support them.
Major Topics Include:
Seizing Opportunities
Being an Advocate/Seeking an Advocate
Resiliency: The Key to Delivering The Desired Result
Deal Making Done With Success
Navigating a Male Dominated Industry
Navigating and Managing Generational Differences
Personal Leadership Thoughts and Perspectives from a Female Energy Regulator
Mentorship – Possibilities in Formal and Informal Programs
Social Media in Outreach – Law and Order

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Control Room Management: CRM Team Training

2 dates and location
February 22, 2018 and March 8, 2018
Houston, TX and Pittsburgh, PA

Control Room Management: CRM Team Training


There have been regulatory changes happening in Control Room Management Team Training with an effective date of January 23,2018.
These major changes include:
  • The proposed changes would enhance the OQ requirements by clarifying existing requirements and
  • addressing NTSB recommendation to extend operator qualification requirements to control center staff
  • involved in pipeline operational decisions.
Discussion for this course is specifically around:
•49 CFR 195.446(h)(6) & 192.631(h)(6)
•The different components of a successful auditable CRM Team Training Program and the factors that affect it
The goal of this training is to identify how CRM Team Training are set to affect safety compliance, agency coordination, aging infrastructure concerns as well as operating procedures throughout the entire distribution and transmission network.


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Welcome to Kinetic

Kinetic is focused on creating connections in the energy industry through educational, training and networking events as well as providing rich content in the way of resources.  Our passion is connecting smart people in energy to move the industry forward and we love what we do.

We develop purposeful, focused and actionable continuing education for the energy industry to include the Oil and Gas Sector and the Power and Electricity Sector. In addition, we are a resource and a conduit for information and communication within each industry. We believe that the more we share as a collective group, the more solutions and best practices are discovered and implemented.  In the end, that helps drive the industry – and the people in it - forward.

Our goal is to build a community that will allow people in this industry to Educate, Connect And Evolve. It is the theme that runs through every event we create and every piece of information we share.

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