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    "Very evident that these people are genuinely concerned about fulfilling the needs of the industry. Very high recommendations!!!" - MH,  Gulf of Mexico Pipeline Compliance Database CoordinatorCHEVRON  

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    “First time to attend a Kinetic presentation and was very impressed with both the speakers and service.  I won’t hesitate to attend other functions.  First class all the way around.”  - T.M., Scheduling Coordinator, Golden Pass LNG

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Featured Events

Renewable Energy Grid Integration: Focus on Frequency Regulation and Response

3 Part Webinar Series
August 1, 2 and 3, 2017

Renewable Energy Grid Integration: Focus on Frequency Regulation and Response

Power systems are usually operated within strict frequency ranges and frequency regulation is mainly provided by the ramping up and/or down of generation assets. One technical issue for renewables is the difficulty in achieving the frequency stability of these systems because renewable energy sources in normal operation cannot provide frequency regulation.This webinar series will discuss solutions and strategies for solving frequency issues associated with renewable energy integration at high penetration levels.

Series Topics:

  • Update on FERC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Frequency Response
  • Renewable Energy Integration in ERCOT: Grid Code Requirements and Frequency Regulation
  • The Role of Battery Energy Storage for Frequency Response

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Pipeline Emergency Management: 3-Part Webinar Series

3 Part Webseries
August 8, 9, and 10, 2017

Pipeline Emergency Management: 3-Part Webinar Series
No one wakes up in the morning planning on responding to an emergency on their pipeline system. However, emergencies can and will occur. It is not a matter of if, but rather when you will be faced with having to respond. In today’s world the expectations on the part of stakeholders such as regulatory officials, the public, and emergency responders are that pipeline operators have effective plans, well trained employees and the ability to effectively manage an incident.
This series dives into:
•The Incident Command System and how pipeline operators can use it to effectively manage an emergency and work with public sector responders
•Expectations of stakeholders related to the effectiveness of emergency response programs
•The need for effective, coherent and usable emergency plans that employees are trained in and can implement quickly when an emergency occurs
•Exercises that realistically test the effectiveness of plans and employee training and provide actionable results
•A philosophy that is routed in the foundation of a cyclical approach to emergency management

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Western Energy Markets Seminar and Nodal Markets Workshop

Kimpton Hotel Born
September 14-15, 2017
Denver, CO

Western Energy Markets Seminar and Nodal Markets Workshop

Major changes are happening in the world of wholesale electricity markets in the western U.S. There is the growing Western Energy Imbalance Market along with potentially expanding CAISO and SPP footprints. Market participants now have multiple options to consider as the playing field and economics are changing.

This seminar will provide an overview of SPP, as the front runner for many large western utilities, and then compare and contrast the benefits and drawbacks of different markets that many western power generators, transmission companies and market participants have to choose from as western wholesale power markets emerge and evolve.

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Welcome to Kinetic

Kinetic is focused on creating connections in the energy industry through educational, training and networking events as well as providing rich content in the way of resources.  Our passion is connecting smart people in energy to move the industry forward and we love what we do.

We develop purposeful, focused and actionable continuing education for the energy industry to include the Oil and Gas Sector and the Power and Electricity Sector. In addition, we are a resource and a conduit for information and communication within each industry. We believe that the more we share as a collective group, the more solutions and best practices are discovered and implemented.  In the end, that helps drive the industry – and the people in it - forward.

Our goal is to build a community that will allow people in this industry to Educate, Connect And Evolve. It is the theme that runs through every event we create and every piece of information we share.

Let’s work together!  Become Kinetic! Drop us an email to get started connect@becomekinetic.com