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    "Very evident that these people are genuinely concerned about fulfilling the needs of the industry. Very high recommendations!!!" - MH,  Gulf of Mexico Pipeline Compliance Database CoordinatorCHEVRON  

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    “First time to attend a Kinetic presentation and was very impressed with both the speakers and service.  I won’t hesitate to attend other functions.  First class all the way around.”  - T.M., Scheduling Coordinator, Golden Pass LNG

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Control Room Management

Houston Marriott South at Hobby Airport
May 24-25, 2017
Houston, TX

Control Room Management

There are regulatory changes happening in Control Room Management with parts of Miscellaneous ll affecting Management Teams with requirements for Team Training and OQ. that is set to impact every system operator. The proposed changes would enhance the OQ requirements by clarifying existing requirements and addressing NTSB recommendation to extend operator qualification requirements to control center staff involved in pipeline operational decisions.
Discussion for this course is specifically around:
•49 CFR 195.446 & 192.631
•The different components of a successful auditable CRM Program and the factors that affect it
The goal of this training is to identify how these rules are set to affect safety compliance, agency coordination, aging infrastructure concerns as well as operating procedures throughout the entire distribution and transmission network.

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Renewable Energy Project Development: Contracting for Success

Two Dates and Locations
June 15, 2017 and July 12, 2017
Cleveland, OH and Portland, OR

Renewable Energy Project Development: Contracting for Success

Renewable energy continues to dominate as the leading source for new electric generation being developed. Contracting mis-steps are common to any medium or large infrastructure projects, yet there are some specific to renewable energy projects and related technologies, business models and policies. By identifying these issues early and thinking about how they play out in contract negotiations, stakeholders can tee up a successful project that is transaction cost-efficient while they avoid “tying their shoelaces together.”

This course will examine issues that are relevant to developing and financing a renewable energy project and that ultimately need to be solved via contracting arrangements including:
  • Project Economics
  • Cost / Risk Allocation
  • Parties
  • Land
  • Financing
  • Energy Regulation and Policy Incentives
  • Technology and other Regulatory Issues
For each of these topics, the instructors will frame relevant issues, highlight and examine pitfalls that cause cost overruns and delays or that stop a project in its tracks and then to consider proactive steps to set up a successful project. The course includes conceptual discussions, analysis of contractual arrangements and/or mapping out of deal structures.

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Right of Way and Crossing Agreements: A Legal Guide

Houston Marriott South
May 23, 2017
Houston, TX

Right of Way and Crossing Agreements: A Legal Guide

This training breaks down legal requirements, agreements and documents that are the bones (and ultimately the muscle) for every long term, successful Right of Way (ROW) project. Our instructors guide participants through the laws and regulations and provide insight to all key legal components that govern how rights-of-way are acquired and implemented.
Attendees are encouraged to bring current issues to the class for group discussion and learning.

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Welcome to Kinetic

Kinetic is focused on creating connections in the energy industry through educational, training and networking events as well as providing rich content in the way of resources.  Our passion is connecting smart people in energy to move the industry forward and we love what we do.

We develop purposeful, focused and actionable continuing education for the energy industry to include the Oil and Gas Sector and the Power and Electricity Sector. In addition, we are a resource and a conduit for information and communication within each industry. We believe that the more we share as a collective group, the more solutions and best practices are discovered and implemented.  In the end, that helps drive the industry – and the people in it - forward.

Our goal is to build a community that will allow people in this industry to Educate, Connect And Evolve. It is the theme that runs through every event we create and every piece of information we share.

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