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PHMSA and Integrity Management: From Records to Rights Of Way

3 part web series
November 29, 30 and December 1, 2016

PHMSA and Integrity Management: From Records to Rights Of Way

When reviewing the statutes and regulatory requirements for the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) and Integrity Management Programs (IMPs), much attention is given to High Consequence Areas (HCAs), class locations, corrosion, Maximum Allowable Operating Pressures (MAOPs) and other highly technical considerations for pipeline companies to put together their Integrity Management Programs.

In this series we examine the proposed new PHMSA rulemaking and the requirements for protection of rights-of-way, increased record keeping requirements and critical infrastructure protection. Our series is led by an instructor who is an attorney with almost two decades of experience in midstream, natural gas storage and state or federally-regulated pipelines, all aspects of right-of-way project management, as well as due diligence, contract negotiation , document review and real property litigation in local, state and federal courts in multiple jurisdictions.

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California Gas Regulations: GO-112f, The Mega Rule and Underground Storage

San Ramon Valley Conference Center
November 10, 2016
San Ramon, CA

California Gas Regulations: GO-112f, The Mega Rule and Underground Storage

There are major natural gas regulatory changes happening in California that are set to impact every system operator in the state as well as potentially foster broader rulemaking at federal and state levels.

These major rules include:
•The implementation of General Order 112 (effective in January 2017). 
•The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration’s (PHMSA’s) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM). The agency is substantially revising its rules (at 49 CFR Part 192).
•Tightening of underground natural gas storage rules. 
In this training, we break down these new (and potential) regulations and their impacts to those with assets across the state. The goal is to identify how these rules are set to affect safety compliance, agency coordination, aging infrastructure concerns as well as operating procedures throughout the entire distribution and transmission network.

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Renewable Energy Contracts Clinic

WAPA's Electric Power Training Center
October 13, 2016
Golden, CO

Renewable Energy Contracts Clinic

When done well, renewable energy (RE) project contracts align incentives, communicate and facilitate a smooth process and allocate risk and reward fairly and efficiently. Understanding the anatomy of RE project contracts and prioritizing issues can help reduce transaction costs, which benefits everyone. In addition, understanding a counterparty's needs and culture can lead to easier negotiations with better outcomes
The focus of this training is on contracting for renewable energy (RE) projects that involve utilities in some capacity, rather than direct contracting between providers and consumers or contracting for energy projects that don't involve putting electricity on the grid. While many fundamental contract and energy project principles apply to RE projects, certain aspects of RE and RE projects drive some differences in contracting. This course examines these RE specific contracts and provisions.

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